Volvo Offers Best in Class Service Coverage Plan on 2011 and 2012 Models

Volvo is renowned for the safety of its vehicles, and is now excited to announce an unprecedented, Best-in-Class Coverage Plan that provides five years of ownership at next to no cost on all 2011 and 2012 models. It's called the Safe + Secure Coverage Plan, and it offers tremendous value by saving owners thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs, and provides peace of mind during the ownership experience. The Safe + Secure Coverage Plan offers exceptional value and financial security that goes beyond crumple zones and airbags - it's the security that only Volvo offers.

It's "Safe" because it's from Volvo, and it's "Secure" because owners will drive their Volvo virtually worry-free for five years. Volvo owners should feel as secure purchasing a new Volvo as they do driving one. The Volvo Safe and Secure Coverage Plan is a U.S. specific program and is valid only when repairs are performed at an authorized U.S. Volvo Retailer.

Tom Wood Volvo in Indianapolis is an authorized U.S. Volvo retailer, and has plenty of new vehicles that qualify for the Safe + Secure Coverage Plan, as well as numerous pre-owned vehicles. Stop by Tom Wood Volvo today and take advantage of this great plan!

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