The Tom Wood Volvo service department has recently gotten some great reviews and we wanted to share them with you!

"Getting my car serviced is a pleasure rather than a chore. Everyone is always friendly, cordial, helpful, and accommodating. No complaints here. I guess that is why this is Volvo #5!!! Continue to recommend Tom Wood for sales and service, until they give me a reason not to."  Douglas G.

"Everyone at Tom Wood Volvo is very polite and helpful and I have always been satisfied with my customer experience. Keep up the good work team!"  Jessica M.

"Always pleased with how quickly they schedule appointments, keep you notified on what is going on, and how conscious they are of your time."  Grant D.

"I was extremely pleased with the way I was treated at Tom Wood Volvo and by Phil Bowman. He stayed in contact with me frequently and answered all of my questions. When I drove into the service center, he met me at the door and welcomed me inside. I was also pleasantly surprised that my windshield wipers were replaced and were covered under warranty. I forgot to tell them they needed replaced, so I know my whole car was inspected thoroughly. Phil said he would try to have my car done between 2 and 4 and he called around 3 to let me know it was done. He then spent time going over everything with me when I got there, and again, he met me at the door. I hope to work with Phil again, the next time my Volvo needs serviced. He made it a very pleasant experience. I was also pleased with the waiting area. I liked having free Wi-fi, charging station and coffee and water. Two thumbs up, Tom Wood."  Jenifer K.

"The reps in the service dept. at Tom Wood are prompt, courteous and professional. I appreciate the loaner vehicle and their flexibility on scheduling repairs." Casey C.

"My VOLVO decal had come off of the front of my 2010 SC60. My service advisor researched my coverage and found that I was covered for replacement of the decal. The job was completed in good time. I was completely satisfied with the handling and service that I received and would give a five star rating to Tom Wood Volvo."  Richard T.

"I am always satisfied with the service I receive at the Volvo dealership. It is mainly because of Matt who gives me l00% of his time and sees that I am well taken care of. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks me. Because of him I own and drive two Volvos."  Therese L.
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