When you’re ready to buy a car, we want you to think of our Indianapolis, IN automotive family because we have the privilege of representing some of the world’s most respected automakers. We also want you to think of the car dealerships that make up Tom Wood Automotive Group whenever your vehicle needs a repair or routine maintenance. That’s because we have factory-trained technicians at our car service center locations who are ready to handle all of your automotive needs.

One of the things people ask us about often is how they can tell when they need to replace their brakes. A lot of newer cars have built-in wear sensors that will help you know when your brake linings need to be replaced. If your vehicle has these sensors, you’ll hear a screeching noise when you either apply or release your brakes when you need new linings.

If your vehicle doesn’t have built-in wear sensors, you’ll need to keep an eye and ear out for the “old school” signs that you need new brakes. You can visually inspect your brakes to see if they’re too worn and need to be replaced, for example. Most brake pads have a wear indicator which will make it easy for you to tell if you need new brake pads.

If you hear persistent noises coming from your wheel wells that don’t go away even after you’ve cleaned your brakes, such as squeaks and squeals, it’s probable that you need new brakes. If you hear grinding sounds, it could be a sign that your brake pads are gone entirely. If that’s the case, you’ll need to bring your car into one of our service centers as quickly as possible to avoid damaging other components on your automobile.

Additional signs that you may need new brakes include the following:

·        Pulsations through your brake pedal

·        Longer stopping distances

·        Having to press your brake pedal down further to stop your automobile

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that your vehicle needs new brakes, contact Tom Wood Automotive Group to find the Tom Wood service center that’s closest to your location today.

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