As Indianapolis, IN car dealers, we consider it our responsibility to share advice about how you can preserve your car’s resale value and prolong its useful life. One of the things that many people overlook when it comes to maintaining their automobile is their tires. That is, a lot of people don’t think about their tires much until one of them goes flat.

While having a flat is certainly enough to get anyone’s attention, you should give your tires the attention they deserve long before one of them goes flat. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you drive one of our best new cars or an older model, your tires are still a valuable resource that can tell you a lot about the well being of your automobile.

If your tires have center wear, for instance, it generally means your tires are over-inflated. If your tires have shoulder wear, it normally means they’re under-inflated. If your tires have a different kind of wear, such as heel or toe wear, feather edge wear, or one-sided shoulder wear, you may have a problem with your vehicle’s alignment. If your tires are properly inflated but you still see an uneven wear pattern in your tires’ tread, make an appointment with one of the service centers that are included in our automotive group family.

Paying attention to the tread on your tires can do more than protect your car’s value and extend its working life. It can also help to keep you safe on the road. The tread on your tires is what keeps your automobile in contact with the road. If your tires’ tread depth is too low, it can compromise your car’s ability to grip the road, especially when there’s precipitation on the road. This can create driving conditions that may put you, your passengers, and other drivers at risk for an accident.

If you’ve noticed unusual or uneven wear patterns on your vehicle’s tires, contact Tom Wood Automotive to learn which of our locations is closest to you. Our factory-trained technicians will determine what’s causing your tires to wear unevenly and fix the problem before it leads to an even bigger one. Make an appointment with a Tom Wood service center today.

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