Whether your drive a new car that you found in our extensive inventory of new vehicles or an older model, packing for a road trip can be difficult. You only have so much space in your automobile, after all.

If you’re like millions of other drivers, you’re going to hit the highway for a road trip this summer. With this in mind, everyone at Tom Wood Automotive Group thought it would be a good idea to share some tips about how you should pack your belongings in your vehicle.

Here are some tips that will make loading up your automobile for a road trip easier:

·        Refer to Your Owner’s Manual: We encourage you to refer to your owner’s manual before you load anything in your car. Your owner’s manual will tell you how much cargo space you have when your seats are in position and when they’re folded down.

·        Secure Heavier Items: If your vehicle has hooks or latches, use them to keep your heavier belongings in place with straps.

·        Use Soft Luggage: If possible, pack your things in soft luggage instead of hard cases. Soft luggage will help you maximize your available cargo space because it’s easier to squeeze into tight spaces.

·        Keep Clear of Doors and Air Bags: No matter how much stuff you want to bring with you on your road trip, it’s critical that you avoid stowing things against your doors or in front of your air bags.

·        Use Your Roof Rack: If your vehicle is equipped with a roof rack, use it to transport any outdoor equipment you’re bringing with you, such as a kayak or a canoe.

·        Use Your Coat Hooks: If you’re traveling with clothing that you don’t want to get wrinkled, hang it on your coat hooks.

·        Contain Small and Sharp Objects: As your local Indianapolis, IN car dealers, we recommend that you put your small and sharp objects in a container. Doing this will make it easier for you to find them and it’ll prevent your sharp possessions from damaging your other belongings.

·        Load Frequently Used Items Last: To make sure they’re easily accessible, pack the things you use most often, such as your overnight bag, last.

Get road trip ready by talking to our auto experts at Tom Wood Auto Group!

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