Every season brings its own challenges when it comes to caring for your car. Having been car dealers in Indianapolis, IN for half a century now, we’re intimately familiar with the inclement weather winter brings to our area every year. We’re also familiar with the intense UV rays, high temperatures, and occasional storms that summer typically hastens into our neck of the woods each year.

While summer may be a great time for a vacation, it’s not the right time for you to take a break from caring for your car given the threats that summer brings with it. To care for your automobile during the summer, you should start with checking your vehicle’s fluid levels. Many drivers already know they need to have the right level of clean oil in their cars, but some don’t think about the other fluids their vehicle needs to run smoothly.

In addition to oil, your vehicle relies on other fluids to perform the way it’s supposed to. Coolant is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin of your automobile, for instance. Your car also needs the appropriate amounts of brake, power steering, and windshield wiper fluid.

Because the air pressure in your tires will change as the temperature fluctuates every day, it’s critical that you monitor your tire pressure throughout the summer months. Tires that don’t have the right amount of air pressure tend to wear unevenly. When this happens, it can affect your car’s fuel efficiency and shorten the working life of your tires.

While keeping an eye on your fluid levels and tire pressure are important to care for your car during the summer, the most critical thing you can do to take care of your automobile is stay up to date with your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule. If your automobile is due for some routine maintenance, make a service appointment with one of the car dealerships that are part of Tom Wood Auto Group today!

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