Having been Indianapolis, IN car dealers for half a century, people have asked us just about every conceivable automotive question. As a new season approaches, we’re often asked how drivers should deal with foggy headlights. While you may not think foggy  headlights are a hazard, you should still take steps to correct them because they can create a dangerous situation on the road if you don’t.

Too many nighttime collisions are caused at least in part by a motorist’s inability to recognize the condition of the road. If your headlights are foggy, they won’t shine as brightly as they should and they won’t illuminate the road they way they’re designed to as a result. Poor visibility caused by foggy headlights can put you and everyone on the road with you at risk for an accident.

Foggy headlights are normally caused by the breakdown of the protective film that covers them or a structural failure that allowed water to seep into your headlights. If your headlights are foggy due to the breakdown of their protective film, you can try the following to get rid of the fogginess:

·        Polish Your Headlights: You can polish your headlights using a high-speed buffer to get rid of or reduce your headlights’ fogginess. If you don’t have the right equipment or the experience to do this on your own, everyone at our Indianapolis, IN automotive group recommends you make an appointment to bring your automobile into one of our car service centers near Indianapolis, IN.

·        Bug Spray: You can use some standard bug spray to temporarily remove cloudiness from your headlights.

·        Toothpaste: Believe it or not, you can use toothpaste to remove at least some of the cloudiness from your headlights. Just put a little bit of toothpaste on a rag and gently rub the surface of your headlights. When you’re done, wipe the surface again with a damp rag to remove any residual toothpaste.

If your headlights’ fogginess is the result of water getting inside your headlights, you should bring your vehicle into one of the car dealerships that are part of Tom Wood Automotive Group so our factory-trained technicians can replace your headlights for you. If you’re not sure which of our service centers is the closest to your location, contact Tom Wood Automotive Group today.

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