It doesn’t matter if you drive a new car or a pre-owned automobile, the smartest thing you can do to protect your vehicle’s resale value and prolong its useful life is have your car serviced regularly. Keeping up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance is also an effective way to keep your overall service expenses as low as possible. AAA estimates that a typical driver can save an average of $100 per service appointment simply by having their automobile serviced regularly.

If you’re unsure about your car’s maintenance schedule, contact one of the car dealerships that make up our Indianapolis, IN automotive group. Our factory-trained technicians will be happy to set up a maintenance schedule for you.

It’s not unusual for many motorists to fall behind with the routine maintenance their cars need during the winter months. If that has happened to you, now is a great time to get caught up by bringing your car into one of our Tom Wood service centers.

While you should refer to your owner’s manual or talk to one of our factory-trained technicians to see what kind of routine maintenance your car needs, there are some basic things you should consider doing every spring. Here is a checklist you can follow to get your vehicle ready for the warmer weather that’s on its way:

·        -Check Your Battery

·        -Check Your Brakes

·        -Inspect Your Tires

·        -Check Your Belts & Hoses

·        -Test Your Air Conditioning

·        -Check Your Oxygen Sensor

·        -Change Your Oil & Oil Filter

There is no better way to get your car caught up with the routine maintenance it needs or prepare your vehicle for summer than bringing your automobile into one of our service centers. No one knows your vehicle better than our expert automotive technicians, so why would you bring your automobile anywhere else?

To find the Tom Wood service center that’s closest to your location, contact Tom Wood Automotive Group today.

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