Oil Change Service

Looking to schedule an oil change? The Tom Wood Auto Group team is here to cover all your automotive service needs. When you bring your vehicle to Tom Wood Auto Group for an oil change, one of our certified automotive technicians will assess and service your vehicle according to manufacturer standards and recommendations.

Why Is It Important To Change Your Oil?

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your vehicle is changing the oil regularly. The engine contains many complex moving parts that the oil helps lubricate and protect. Over time, though, oil can build up impurities like dirt and debris. Changing the oil gets rid of these impurities and ensures protection against wear and tear. That's not the only reason to change your oil regularly, though. Regular oil changes also:

Protect Against Corrosion

The engine, like other mechanical parts, can fall victim to corrosive elements, including fine particles, moisture, carbon compounds, and unburnt fuel that the oil collects over time. As the oil breaks down, it accumulates these impurities. Replacing the spent oil with clean oil removes corrosive particles and ensures the proper lubrication of moving parts. Periodic oil changes ensure impurities don't build up in your engine and cause corrosive damage.

Boost Engine Performance

As oil breaks down with the accumulation of particulates and impurities, it can turn into a sticky sludge, causing your engine to work harder. To combat the added stress to produce power, the engine burns up more fuel. Proper maintenance and timely oil changes ensure the oil doesn't deteriorate into sludge, which keeps your car running optimally. Clean oil and proper lubrication also take the strain off the engine, reducing the fuel consumption it needs to produce power and boosting engine performance.

Increase Longevity

Changing your oil regularly can also increase your car's longevity. As motor oil ages, the sludge and grime buildup can make your engine work harder and cause excess strain, taking away from the engine's efficiency. An engine that has to work hard to run can drastically reduce the longevity of your vehicle. Clean oil lubricates properly, reduces friction, and reduces this strain, giving your vehicle's engine a longer life.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Your oil change schedule typically depends on your vehicle's age. For older models, AAA gives a general rule of thumb to schedule your oil changes based on mileage, such as every several thousand miles. You'll also want to refer to your owner's manual for the recommended maintenance schedule since your type of driving can give you an idea of how often to have an oil change. Newer vehicles often have oil monitoring systems, which alert you when your vehicle is due for maintenance.

Even if you're unsure of what type of oil you need or how often your vehicle requires servicing, our team of technicians at Tom Wood Auto Group can assess your vehicle and help you schedule maintenance according to your vehicle needs. We'll also help you determine if your vehicle needs more frequent service, especially for factors like:

  • Hauling and towing heavy loads.

  • Driving in hot, cold, and dusty climates.

  • Driving in frequent stop-and-go traffic.

  • Traveling frequent, short distances of five miles or less.

What Happens if You Don't Change Your Oil?

Aside from accumulating impurities and robbing your engine of performance, going too long without an oil change can have negative effects on your engine and overall vehicle health. That's why our team suggests comprehensive vehicle maintenance and regular oil changes so you can avoid mechanical problems down the road, including:

Voided Warranty

No doubt, one of the biggest benefits that comes with a new vehicle purchase is the security and confidence in your new vehicle warranty. However, if you don't complete service maintenance according to your manufacturer's recommendations, you can risk voiding these warranties altogether. The technicians at Tom Wood Auto Group can ensure your vehicle service is up-to-date, using the appropriate manufacturer-approved oil for your car. We also keep detailed maintenance records of your vehicle service history so you can have peace of mind should you ever need to provide documentation on your vehicle's history.


You also run the risk of engine overheating if you don't change your oil when your car needs it. When oil additives like rust protectants, detergents, friction reducers, and dispersants break down over time, the oil doesn't lubricate your car's engine as effectively as it should. Prolonging an oil change as the oil deteriorates can cause the engine to run less efficiently, eventually leading to overheating or severe wear to critical components.

Engine Failure

As motor oil deteriorates, it becomes sludge and can't draw heat from the engine efficiently. This can be detrimental in the long run because it can cause excessive damage beyond overheating. Old oil can actually cause your engine to seize up and even blow a head gasket, resulting in costly repairs. Depending on your vehicle's age and value, extensive engine repairs may even be a moot point. When you bring your car to Tom Wood Auto Group, you can drive home confidently knowing our service technicians make sure your oil is clean and your engine is running efficiently.

Schedule Your Oil Change With Us Today

Get in touch with our team at Tom Wood Auto Group to schedule your next oil change. We'll assess your vehicle to determine the most suitable manufacturer-approved oil for your car and have your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. We also service all makes and models, and our team of certified service technicians is standing by to answer any questions you have about our lifetime powertrain coverage.

When you choose one of our locations for your vehicle maintenance, we'll have you covered with additional services, including parts installation and repair, fluid checks, full-spectrum diagnostics, and comprehensive vehicle inspections. To schedule an oil change today, simply enter your information into our service scheduling form and one of our team members will help you set up your appointment in no time.