In Indianapolis, IN, one automotive dealer stands tallest: Tom Wood Automotive Group. With 12 dealerships representing some of the world's top automakers, you're guaranteed to find the perfect vehicle. Along with helping our customers in all aspects of the ownership experience, we enjoy answering questions about every facet of the automotive business.



Q: What are the advantages to leasing a car?

A: Leasing a new Toyota sedan or a new luxury SUV has several advantages. If you like the idea of driving a new car every few years, don't drive a lot of miles per year (12,000 or less), don't relish the idea of trading in or selling a vehicle after your purchase it, then leasing at our car dealership in Indianapolis, IN makes a lot of sense.

Q: Should I be concerned about the quality of pre-owned cars?

A: Not at all. We're living in a pre-owned vehicle "golden age", where the quality and reliability possessed by pre-owned cars, and especially certified pre-owned cars, is at an all-time high. For example, every certified used car for sale is exhaustively inspected, refurbished into "like new" condition, and comes with an exceptional warranty, maintenance discounts, and much more.


Service & Parts

Q: I'm always in a hurry. Do your dealerships offer express service?

A: Many of our dealerships do offer express service, which covers all essential maintenance checks: oil change, filter replacement, tire rotation, fluid top-off - in an hour or less. So if you're looking for fast, efficient VW service near Indianapolis, IN, our dealer is the one to visit.

Q: Can I order parts online?

A: Yes. From Jaguar parts to Honda parts near Indianapolis, IN, all of our dealerships carry a big selection of genuine OEM parts for your luxury car that can be ordered online or at the dealership's parts desk.



Q: For financing, do I need to go through the dealership or can I choose someone else?

A: We encourage our customers to shop around for the best deal, whether that's through their personal bank, our dealership, a credit union, or somewhere else. However, the finance specials our dealerships frequently offer are some of the best deals around.

Q: When I lease a car, do I need a down payment?

A: Most leases do require a down payment, and it's usually a specific amount that's tied into the total lease price, i.e. what you would pay over the course of a three-year lease. For instance, Porsche financing would ask for $2,500 down and offer monthly payments of $350/month.



Q: Are all of your dealership in Indianapolis, IN?

A: Our 12 core dealerships are in Indianapolis, IN. We also operate four out-of-state dealerships: two in Minnesota, one in Kentucky, and one in Colorado.

Q: Why should I buy from you?

A: Superior selection, financing, parts/repairs, and most importantly, superior customer service, and so much more! From new 2017 cars to exceptional service and beyond, we're your one-stop shop!

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