Tom Wood Automotive is Going Green

Tom Wood Automotive recognizes that all businesses can have a direct or indirect impact on their local, regional, and global environment. As a result Tom Wood has developed a green policy in order to minimize our environmental impact. Click below to learn more about our Green Initiatives!

Efficient Use of Energy

Tom Wood Automotive and our staff use and purchase energy star-compliant hardware whenever possible.

Encourage Conservation

Tom Wood Automotive staff and employees are encouraged to conserve energy whenever possible. Including the installation of motion activated lighting in most areas of our dealerships.

Minimize Waste

  • Engine Oil: The used oil that we reclaim from guests vehicles after oil changes is harvested and stored and later used to heat our dealerships.
  • Tires: When you purchase new tires at Tom Wood, your old tires never go into a land fill. We recycle your old tires!
  • Computer Equipment: All Tom Wood dealerships recycle old electronics, hardware, computers, etc. with Indiana based Green Wave Computer Recycling. They are an environmentally friendly organization who responsibly break down electronics while teaching formerly incarcerated individuals a skill and returning them to the workforce.

Subaru Loves the Earth

In an effort to support the local community and work to make a positive impact on the environment, The Tom Wood Group will continue its partnership with TerraCycle as part of a larger Subaru of America, Inc. initiative called Subaru Loves the Earth. The partnership is a continuation of a successful program which recently reached a major milestone by recycling more than one-million pieces of waste collected through more than 500 participating Subaru retailers across the country.

The United States generates about 230 million tons of trash annually—and less of a quarter of it gets recycled. The only way to intercept hard to recycle items is to collect these materials before they make their journey to the landfill. Therefore, The Tom Wood Group will continue to work with TerraCycle to divert waste from landfills and incinerators by providing a sustainable recycling solution for customers. The retailer will once again collect snack wrappers/bags, plastic straws, all types of disposable coffee cups and lids, as well as coffee/creamer capsules in a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box™. The collected waste will be transformed into items such as park benches, bike racks and playground equipment and donated to local community partners courtesy of The Tom Wood Group. Click below to learn more!

Additional Green Efforts

  • Installation of Electric Vehicle Recharging stations at many of our dealerships.
  • Water Based "Green" paint is used at our collision center.
  • Solar Panels installed at our state-of-the-art collision center and Subaru dealership.

Tom Wood Automotive is proud to offer a variety of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Nissan Leaf (Electric)

Ford Fusion (Electric)

Jaguar I Pace (Electric)

Zero Motorcycles (Electric)

Porsche Panamera (Hybrid)

Lexus UX (Hybrid)

Audi E Tron (Electric)