New & Used Luxury Cars For Sale In Indianapolis, IN

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The Tom Wood Group is proud to offer Indianapolis drivers a selection of luxury cars for sale that has something for everyone. From premium sports cars with power on tap, smooth sedans that spare nothing for comfort, high-tech SUVs with eye-catching style, or anything in between, we have the new luxury cars you seek.

Our commitment to equally luxurious service will make driving it home an experience steeped in enjoyment. With our family of luxury-first dealerships ready to help you find the luxury car of your dreams, you'll find full satisfaction when you shop with us. Explore our inventory, and visit one of our luxury car dealerships to take your pick on a test drive.

Our Luxury Car Dealerships Are at Your Service

Shopping for luxury cars for sale shouldn't involve compromise. It's an involved decision leading to years of high-class enjoyment, and that deliberation shouldn't be rushed or relegated to a small selection. Our family of dealerships combines forces on this page to ensure you get a wide selection covering the new, used, and certified pre-owned luxury cars on your wish list.

Explore at your leisure, and whether the model that satisfies your search belongs to our used-car showroom or new car inventory, know that there's no pressure. All our dealerships will treat you to comfortable facilities, and our team of experts will help you understand all the details.

From Land Rover to Lexus, our competitive pricing on new luxury cars for sale will make that search all the better. And for a shorter commitment with a new vehicle, our luxury car lease deals are ready to explore.

Our Pre-Owned Luxury Cars for Sale in Indianapolis Will Satisfy

A used luxury car can be equally great. But it all depends on the quality. When you shop for luxury cars in our used vehicle inventory, you'll find that we take great strides to provide high-quality, well-maintained examples to choose from. And a deal here can go a long way.

With highly trained technician teams and state-of-the-art service centers, the end of your used-luxury-car search will be met with long-lasting confidence on top, a true luxury in itself. Or, you can find the pinnacle of peace of mind with our certified pre-owned vehicles. Details vary from brand to brand, but in almost every case, certification requires a deep dive into the vehicle's history and quality with a meticulous inspection, along with a thorough reconditioning and testing process.

With the possibility of new-car-like warranties at your disposal, certified pre-owned luxury cars for sale can be your ticket to satisfaction.

A Taste of Our New & Used Luxury Cars in Indianapolis, IN

The full list of luxury cars for sale that we offer is too long to put here and will vary as our inventory comes and goes. However, our luxury dealerships feature Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Porsche, and Volvo Cars - new models from these brands are available year-round.

Whether it's an Audi sedan, a Volvo SUV, or a Porsche coupe, our family's selection of luxury cars for sale can pair every driver to their perfect ride.

And for used models, the options go on and on. From certified pre-owned Land Rover SUVs to a used Jaguar convertible, we're confident you'll find that our luxury cars for sale include the ideal choice for your lifestyle.

Discover Our Luxury Cars for Sale Today

Luxury is often defined as full attention to the smallest details, and our family of luxury car dealers takes this philosophy to heart. Get in touch with one of our dealerships and take a test drive today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy luxury cars in Indianapolis?

The Tom Wood Group is your source for luxury and exotic cars in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. Our dealership family includes new luxury cars from Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Porsche, and Volvo Cars, and our used selection goes even deeper. And to make your luxury car buying experience just as luxurious and driver-focused, our facilities are designed for your comfort.

What car brands sell luxury cars?

Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Porsche, and Volvo Cars are a selection of the premier brands that sell luxury cars. Luxury cars for sale are typically defined by premium materials, comfort, attention to detail, swift performance, and style, and these six brands famously exemplify that spirit of luxury. Explore their models today with the Tom Wood Group family of luxury dealerships.

Luxury Cars Reviews

"From economy cars to super cars, Tom Wood Northside locations surely will have just what you need. For manufacturer services, new and used cars, and a lot of fine professionals to help you, you'll be glad you went to Tom Wood Automotive."

review by Scott Morris
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